30/30 Poetry Challenge

Several of my friends participated in a challenge where they wrote a poem a day for the duration of April. Jared and Tiffany did great! Some of their gems:

Bearded Ballads 28/30: Crosswalk

 Morning fog
to have burned off,
but here comes the sun.
Head swims
through the thickness
as I’m hailed
name called
over and again
if that’s me
backwards, along
soupy grooves.
across the street
not looking both ways
ever inward.
in the darkness of the day.
I see, if only too late
this song
isn’t about you.
No, I’m full
eating blackbird tonite.
Shouldn’t have had that
second slice
of humble pie.

30in30, Day 21: “Unexpected Irises”

Unexpected irises
out of the gray earth,
so blue they hurt,
so bright my eyes narrow;
but oh! When I spot them,
I stop.
What bird dropped them there,
in the lee of the streetlamp?
I stare, arrested by the
of lavender tongues tasting the air,
which smells of thunder,
lichen, river,
mushrooms, moss,

and Spring.

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