First Half Marathon

Something I actually said pre-race
My friend Kaytlyn made these digital race signs for me.














This past weekend I ran my first half marathon in Washington D.C. I didn’t have any goals in mind since it was my first, and I just wanted to see if I could do it. The course was all over the southwest waterfront and was flat for the most part, with lots of aid stations and entertainment around the route. I ended up just listening to two Mastodon albums for the entirety of the race because A) I like them, B) They have a good tempo for running, and C) I didn’t want to think about what I was listening to. I thought about my 13 positive/negative “dedications” list through the course, and I teared up when I crossed the finish line, which I was expecting to. But, I had finished it. I did it.

Kaytlyn and I stayed in Georgetown Friday/Saturday night and slugged around. An incredibly weird but delicious brunch at Sequoia, laying by the waterfront, eating gelato, and winning purses from DSW (super random and super perfect.) We also got to see our other friend Jackson and his BF. We had an incredible pre-race meal at Thunderburger – so good, best burgers in D.C. Then, post-race victory wings from Wingos. Please just bury me in Georgetown.

Overall, lots of happies.

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