Warmer (and weirder) New Jersey


The latest display in Media is “Warmer (and Weirder) days are ahead, NJ” –  our attempt at keeping up with the warm weather-adventurous feeling that everyone seems to have, but with a spin – Weird NJ – to keep up intrigue rather than a table of how-to garden DVDs .

My co-worker and I gathered books, DVDs, and books-on-CD about New Jersey, outdoor recreation, and urban legends. Or in some cases, all three. Janet Evanovich’s series is based in New Jersey and The X-Files falls right into spooky-town. We made a skirt of grass around the sides of the table and some monster silhouettes.  (Yes, we did think about posting them as staging a fight between the Jersey Devil and Bigfoot.)

I am happy to report that items from the display have been steadily going-on and the tables been replenished a few times since it was put out last week. Outstanding!

And for fun (?), there is a very weird (and a little graphic) story from my area that has ties to the Library indirectly: Seeking the Hide of Antoine Le Blanc. And, if that’s not your speed, Mrs. Sundberg’s thoughts on a warm weather treat:

At the grocery store yesterday, my 21 year-old daughter asked what is my favorite ice cream flavor. No hesitation. “Butter Brickle,” I replied. The funny thing is I haven’t had any in a good long while because I CAN’T FIND IT. No grocery store in the area sells butter brickle ice cream. Where did it go? If anyone can direct me to the Butter Brickle Ice Cream Source, I would be grateful. Because it’s getting hotter out there and ice cream is one of the best things about summer. Of course there are other flavors I love, like mint chocolate chip and lemon graham crumble and strawberry cheesecake and good ol’ vanilla. And black cherry and tin roof and cookies and cream and chocolate marshmallow. But. Butter brickle is my favorite, from back in the day, and yes. I’m having a little craving.

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