Reference Question : Eagles in New Jersey

Broadcast live streaming video on UstreamAs of late I’ve been watching the Eagle Cam at Duke Farms in Hillsborough, NJ. This started a few weeks ago when I was on the reference desk and the phone rang. I answered and was replied to with “Is the bird outside my window an eagle?”


After disclaiming that I was not a birder of any sort, the patron and I figured out that she wanted to know if eagles still lived in New Jersey.

In New Jersey the bald eagle, osprey, and peregrine falcon were all on the brink of extinction. BUT THEN (after several decades of conservation work) they bounced back a bit. The bald eagle is still categorized on the threatened list federally.

So…yeah! She was super excited to hear about that — especially since she thought that the bird was an eaglet. I gave her contact information for local Audubon Society chapter and the DEP section.

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