Who’s this purple weirdo? Vision! I’m surprised you actually knew who that was.

listening :: Another Look podcast;

watching :: Comet (my sister has been hounding me all week to watch it) and the new trailer for Moana;

reading :: mostly magazines. My brains have turned to mush;

eating :: garlic bread and raspberry lemon kombucha (this is my first experience with kombucha – it’s weird and sour);

working :: EVERYTHING is #asf16 and #njla17 these days, with some National Library Card Sign-up Month thrown in for spice;

writing :: a lot of emails to librarians across the state (see above), encouraging notes to myself (see last week’s post), and postcards;

thinking :: Fall races, new recipes, and chronotopes.

What are you guys up?

Published by ccharle2

A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

One thought on “Currently

  1. listening :: The Essential Little Walter;

    watching :: In Search Of: Episode about D.B. Cooper (via YouTube);

    reading :: Agatha Christie graphic novel;

    eating :: Leftovers from Moe’s;

    working :: Not tonight;

    writing :: Tweets;

    thinking :: About what the heck chronotopes are.

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