Love List – 2/26/18

Kacey Musgraves has a new album coming out on March 30! I am very happy with these two teaser tracks. 

^I love these wreaths. I couldn’t resist the seasonal cheer. They are from Michaels and were both discounted at 40% off when I purchased them separately. Don’t be a dummy and always wait for the Michaels inevitable sale. 

Justin portable chargerI too often forget that I own this. I use it while traveling (when I remember to charge it), and I used it over the weekend when I went to the gym with a precariously low-battery cellphone (Thanks, Apple) – my workout worked-out because of it.

Audiobooks – With half marathon training has come more time spent at the gym and exercising – which is my prime time for audio media consumption! I used to be an avid commute listener to podcasts, but my current commute requires more alertness and my podcast line-up got a bit stale, so enter audiobooks. My first was The Magnolia Story (which will be a whole post within itself) and now I am on to When Dimple Met Rishi. The narrator is so critical for an audiobook to be enjoyable, and these two crushed it. Real thanks to my library’s subscription to Hoopla for this love. 

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