What I Read Last Week

The last time I watched The Bachelorette was when this guy was a contestant (~2003). #stopaskingmeaboutthebachelorette  How Domestic Violence on One Home Effects Every Child in a Class | NPR Racial Inequality in the Minneapolis Parks System | The Atlantic How non-English speakers are taught this crazy English grammar rule you know but you’ve neverContinue reading “What I Read Last Week”

What I Read Last Week:

Fun Home The moral bucket list | New York Times Till death do us part | Post and Courier How to seem smart in meetings without really trying | Washington Post Is that an FM radio in your pocket | National Journal In the wilderness | The Morning News Punch into happiness | Library LostContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

What I Read Last Week:

via Why does Pa. have so many local governments | Keystone Crossroads Everything: You’re doing it wrong | The Atlantic The return of grey is a cause for celebration | The Guardian Perfectly happy, even without happy endings | New York Times Free of bed bugs, Lawrence library book sale set to return | LJContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

Crazy Love

  The memoir is about Leslie Morgan Steiner’s abusive relationship and marriage. The subject matter is grim but Steiner’s style is fluid, poetic and completely addictive (Started reading over the summer and went to lengths to find a copy in a PA library). It’s informative into why women stay with men who abuse them andContinue reading “Crazy Love”