What I Read Last Week:

Largest dinosaur? Paleontologists unearth new heavyweight in Argentina | the Guardian Scientists enlist border collies to chase off beach-polluting gulls | LA Times (Must-see picture of a collie in a patrol vest) Kerpow! How women used the boy’s own world of comic books to further the cause | the Guardian Patrick Stewart Talks About theContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

What I Read (Last) Week:

via Daily Dishonesty Keeping Up With…Digital Writing in the College Classroom | ACRL Rural Hospitals Weigh Independence Against Need For Computer Help | NPR PoemCity | Yankee The common ground between coffee geeks and growers | The Guardian Mechanicsburg’s new seed library will lend herb, vegetable seeds | The Patriot-News The Difference between National ParksContinue reading “What I Read (Last) Week:”