What I Read Last Week:

The gentle cesarean: more like a birth than an operation | NPR Marjane Satrapi: the Persepolis director escapes her comfort zone | The Guardian For young people in rural areas, suicide poses a growing threat | NPR The transformation: fear of heights meets rock climbing | Outside Ask Andrew W.K.: Feeling motivation in the faceContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”


There were two British international students at the university last spring. Liam and Lucy (Yes, those are their real names) furthered my world view just from the stories they told me about their home life. That sensation, paired with my recent binge on graphic novels and gearing up for Script Frenzy, inspired me to readContinue reading “Persepolis”

The Imposter’s Daughter

Graphic novels are making a comeback. After Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, debuted in 2000, there’s been a tremendous surge in graphic novels. Now, I wasn’t paying attention to the field in 2000 (yay puberty) but, Persepolis was adapted to film in 2007 and the spike in autobiographical graphic novels was epic. Graphic novels aren’t aboutContinue reading “The Imposter’s Daughter”