Signal Hill, California

During stay-at-home orders I went on a family history research bender. I learned during this bender that my father’s mother’s mother’s father’s father (my third great-grandfather) was buried in Sunnyside Cemetery (formerly Signal Hill Cemetery) in Signal Hill, California near Long Beach. He was born in Hubertshofen near Donaueschingen, Germany and immigrated to the UnitedContinue reading “Signal Hill, California”

The Cat Swamp Hijacking and Murder

While driving around Sussex County this week,  (LOLworkingacrossthreecounties) I noticed on 206-S a historical marker that I had never seen before – the Cat Swamp Hijacking and Murder. I grew-up visiting my Dad’s family in the Byram-Andover-Newton isosceles triangle, and I thought that I knew that route pretty well. Lesson learned – history is alwaysContinue reading “The Cat Swamp Hijacking and Murder”