So it goes…

Shelf Check #68
“…And when you look into the bookdrop, the bookdrop also looks into you.”*

Truer words have never been posted to the Internet.

Welcome to however you stumbled upon this page! My name is Cassidy – I am a library science student, user, and employee. This blog reflects my comings and goings with anything library-related. Brace yourself for other personal, but somehow related posts. The venn diagram of my life and libraries is a circle.

When I am not studying or working, I am often running or sewing animals.

Buckle in. We’re about to go on a magic carpet ride of wonders.

*Courtesy of the slightly defunct, but timeless Shelf Check webcomic series.

Published by ccharle2

A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

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