TBT – To Walk Or Not To Walk

This is an old post I found in my drafts – a blast from the past. Spoiler alert: I walked in my graduate commencement and I am happy that I did. Lately, I have been going back and forth about walking at my graduate school’s commencement. Since I graduated in December (or January 2014 saysContinue reading “TBT – To Walk Or Not To Walk”

Blogging with INeedALibraryJob.com

I started volunteering with INeedALibraryJob.com, a website devoted for and run by (mostly) library and information science professionals, about a year ago as an assistant to the Greater New York City page editors. My volunteer responsibility were checking a number of NYC-oriented job websites for new postings every week. As I was amidst my ownContinue reading “Blogging with INeedALibraryJob.com”

And like that, my first semester of grad school is complete

I submitted my last term project of the semester on Friday and it was graded by Monday. Just like that, my first semester of graduate school is complete. I am relieved to get to read again, but anxious to get back to work. One semester down, two more to go.

Thanks for not being useless

Three years ago, my adviser laughed at me because I told her my career plan was to become a librarian. That reaction fueled a two-year animosity between us. She retired in the fall,  so my new adviser is the chair of the Political Science department. I didn’t have any expectations for him. At this point,Continue reading “Thanks for not being useless”

So it goes…

“…And when you look into the bookdrop, the bookdrop also looks into you.”* Truer words have never been posted to the Internet. Welcome to however you stumbled upon this page! My name is Cassidy – I am a library science student, user, and employee. This blog reflects my comings and goings with anything library-related. BraceContinue reading “So it goes…”