Anything But Ordinary

Anything But Ordinary

This better be the only rotten apple in my book crop.

My method for selecting books had failed until this. Amazon likes to suggest books for me, based on other books I have viewed. In turn, I will read a summary of them, check if they are available in a library within my county, and then order them for my crop. I understand why Amazon suggested this for me (It’s tags are YA Literature, Romance…), but I wish it had a quality filter.


Love story about unique guy and girl, Bernie and Winifred. Then, Bernie’s mom dies and he turns into a total recluse. Bernie and Winifred are both brilliant, but the Bernie doesn’t want to go to college anymore. Bernie doesn’t want to do anything anymore. Winifred gets fed-up and decides to go to college across the country, where she becomes a tricked-out, idiotic, Barbie clone. Bernie drives across country to reunite with her, but is horrified to find the clone that has replaced his girlfriend. He bums around the city for the year (His father is under the ruse that he is auditing courses at the university), and falls for the Winifred’s T.A. The ending is proportional to the given plot, but lame nonetheless.

Usually, I try to find the good in books, but this one was straight-up awful. There was so much room for plot expansion (The guy’s road trip across country is summed-up in one paragraph…what?) and the characters felt so unrelatable. We all have hardships in life, but Winnie and Guy were shallow, in depth (not in the actuality of the story). Very happy that I got this off my reading list.

Thumbs: 0 out of 2

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