Derby Girl

Derby Girl

This summer’s reading goal is all about clearing house on my reading list.

Derby Girl, written by Shauna Cross, is an older entry on the list. Whip It! is the film version of this novel (novel-to-film is a running theme in my reading goals as well). Cross wrote the screenplay for the film, which I think is much better than the novel. No significant plot changes were made between the novel and the film, but the ending of the novel, which is the same as the film, leaves me very sour.

This is a spoilers-free blog, but the ending is not fulfilling. Cross did a better job in the film of making points and having meaning to the audience, but the ending trails off no matter what form of media you are into. All sub-plots receive closure, but…I want more. No way will this be a series. Cross created a world and characters that were interesting. There was not enough meat left on these bones to form a sequel even though the diner is left wanting more.

Getting back to the film, I found it a fantastic blend of adding further detail and staying true to the story. I believe that the characters of the roller derby team that 16 year-old Bliss Cavander, performed by Ellen Page, joined in the book are changed in the film for the benefit of the actors. Each actor brings some of themselves to their roles (My roller derby name would be Cass Tastrophe). Landon Pigg, who plays Bliss’s love interest, is incredible eye candy, and plays the role of Boy in a Band very well.

“Never date boys in bands” is an emerging theme in teen culture, as we saw in Jennifer’s Body last year, that Derby Girl helped originate. The only teen literature that I’ve read this year not emphasizing that point was the Scott Pilgrim series, but that point may inversely be “Don’t date delivery chicks with seven evil ex-boyfriends”.

Thumbs: 1 out of 2

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