Ghost World

Ghost World

Let the summer begin!

Maybe this was instilled in me from the summer reading program at my childhood library, but no matter the reason, I read with a goal in mind during the summer. I reached 25 books last summer, and this summer’s mission is 40 books. Good pacing for now…

Yes, like most movies, Ghost World was a book first. Specifically, Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World was a graphic novel. The artwork is beautiful and, when necessary, grotesque; exaggerating the most minuscule details. For me, the artwork was the redeeming feature of the novel, that kept me attracted to it. I believe that Ghost World became an icon in pop culture, for addressing adolescence in a snarky, counter-culture voice, because of the film version. Having never viewed the film, I can’t compare the two, but Ghost World’s story didn’t draw me in.

I am a stickler for an interesting plot; Not even a good plot, but one that will hold my attention to want to see it to the end (i.e- what I am going through with Under The Dome still). Reading Ghost World reminded me of the “Ferris Wheel” effect; starting at point A, going through a journey, and ending up in the same place. Evolution of the characters’ lives were subtle and satisfied me enough in the end. Not the best note of a summer reading challenge…

Thumbs: 1/2 out of 2

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