Page by Paige

Laura Lee Gulledge came up on my radar because of her recent release of the Will & Whit. My enjoyment of that graphic novel compelled me to go back read her first work. Semi-autobiographical, Page by Paige follows Paige Turner on her family’s move to living in the big city beyond her hometown. Paige makesContinue reading “Page by Paige”

2014 Eisner Award Winners!

On the Friday of San Diego Comic Con the winners of the 2014 Eisner Award were announced. I made my predictions back in May of who would win. This is how they stacked up: (Italics – my prediction, Bold – the actual winner) Best Short Story – 1 “Go Owls,” by Adrian Tomine, in OpticContinue reading “2014 Eisner Award Winners!”

Comic Culture

Full Disclosure: I had very little to do with setting-up this display. The Assistant Director was looking for display case ideas for June and my co-worker suggested comics and graphic novels from the library’s collection.  Comic books and graphic novels at our library are shelved depending on what department they are purchased from. Adult graphicContinue reading “Comic Culture”

Free Comic Book Day 2014

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is an annual promotional event for comic books in North America that occurs the first Saturday of May. The intent of FCBD is to bring new readers (and buyers) into comic book stores. The effort is coordinated by Diamond Comic Distributors, the industry’s single largest distributor. Since 2002 DCD hasContinue reading “Free Comic Book Day 2014”

2013 Eisner Award Winners

2013 Eisner Award Winners San Diego Comic Con is this weekend and that can mean only one thing! (Well, actually many things…) When the nominations were posted earlier this year, I posted a list of my hopefuls. 8 winners out of 11 isn’t too shabby, and good job Saga for cleaning house!

2013 Eisner Nominees

The nominees for the 2013 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were announced a few weeks ago, and I’ve been mediating about the nominees and hopefuls. I don’t follow the industry closely enough to know if there were any upsets or snubs, but I was pleased to see some familiar works on the list.  We won’tContinue reading “2013 Eisner Nominees”

Tuesday Trivia

Ok, Peanut butter and peanut Easter chocolates for the first correct answer. Cassidy won last week and picked the subject of “Comic Books.” So here is goes: What comic book super hero was a novel invention in 1963, considering that it was one of the first times where a comic book hero fought crime thanksContinue reading “Tuesday Trivia”

Life is rad – My visit to the Joe Kubert School

My final project for e-Humanities and Social Science Reference is collection development for graphic novels and graphic arts. This morning I met with the librarian at The Kubert School to see what is like to develop a collection entirely of comics, graphic novels, and figure study books. I also wanted to gain a better understandingContinue reading “Life is rad – My visit to the Joe Kubert School”

Looking Ahead…A Great Big Pile of Awesome

Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings – April 9th David Sedaris Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls – April 23rd Koji’s first full-length album – April 30th            (/crying – proud) Iron Man 3 – May 3rd The Great Gatsby – May 10th The Front Bottoms’ new album/tour – May 21st Sarah Dessen’s The Moon and More – JuneContinue reading “Looking Ahead…A Great Big Pile of Awesome”