Gingerbread - Old Gingerbread - New

Gingerbread, written by Rachel Cohn, is a book I found during middle school. When my friends and I would go to the mall, I would always have to hit up the book store. Gingerbread sat on my bookcase, virtually unread by me, for 5+ years. Coming home from break to a snowstorm yesterday motivated me to read though. For once, I picked it up and read it all the way through. It’s a shame I never read it sooner because, maybe it would have had more of an impact on me.

I believe that if I hadn’t stumbled upon Gingerbread when I was middle school, I would have never picked it up. That’s not saying the book is terrible, it hits the demographic age it is meant for but, it just does not transcend it like other YA literature I have read. Even Cohn’s co-authored book with David Levithan, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, sat better with me. The protagonist, Cyd Charissa, has gone through a major life decision as a teenager and I feel for her- but not that much. It’s probably the age difference between her and I. Which is weird since, I am not, by any means, Methuslia.

The plot had this strange way of wrapping up in the end that isn’t clear how things just suddenly got there. Perhaps I’ll re-reading the ending to hash it out for myself. Interestingly, since I picked up this book in middle school, Gingerbread has changed book covers (Left above – old cover, Right above – new cover. Alas, a testament to age again) and become a series. Shrimp and Cupcake follow the plot where Gingerbread left off. There’s hope of recovery for my feelings of triumph in reading this finally.

Thumbs: 1 out of 2



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