The Girls from Ames

The Girls from Ames

Warning: This book should not be read if you lack childhood friendships. It will break your heart.

Jeffrey Zaslow did an amazing job of documenting the friendship of 11 women, from birth to adulthood. The introduction prepped the reader for a critical punch. It discussed how “common” life-long friendships are (debatable, but continuing…) so when reaching the dramatic highs the women have endured, I couldn’t help but feel for them. They hurt just as much as any other person. They were very much real women.

Don’t let the dust jacket deceive you – the women aren’t a whole 22-armed creature that lives symbiotically. They have their closer friends within the group, but it’s within the larger group. So mad depressing to read, because of my personal problems, but unforgettable.

Thumbs: 2 out of 2

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