Creative non-fiction interlude


Image Source: Author Sarah Dessen

One of my exes’ mothers had statues like these in her living room. Every room in her home was meticulously well-decorated, from the chair rails to the baseboards. The furniture was rotated in and out with the seasons (or when she got bored of the pieces), and colors were coordinated. One day there were green drinking glasses, when the night before there were blue ones.

Heavy China cabinets laden with old family silver from Italy, and thick floral rugs.

The carpet matched the drapes…and the couch…and the cushions …and the table clothes…

I had never seen such elaborate and ornamental decor before. I was from a world of picture frames and flower vases — things holding or containing other things. Everything had a purpose or sentimental attachment in my house. Nothing existed just because it “pulled the room together.” I don’t like things that don’t have a purpose. I don’t like having things, in general. I think though, as I decorate my own home someday, I’ll look for a pair of statuettes like these though. They recall fond memories.


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