Sorry for the cop-out in terms of a photo – but I did really want to feature this song – Sunday Morning Stasis listening :: above, Slaughterhouse-Five on cassette, and lots of NPR stories about gut bacteria, because cool; watching :: Kaytlyn in The Great American Trailer Park Musical soon!; reading :: The Spectacular Now and The Family Heirloom Project; wanting :: more days like yesterdayContinue reading “Stasis”

August Rush

listening :: Break up with back up (thanks, Mike) and NPR’s Keys to the Whole World: American Public Libraries series; watching :: autotune videos with YA Librarian (a la 2010); reading :: about Drupal, Will & Whit, and Drown; wanting :: peace of mind?; working :: on cover letters, (running) pacing, and my fall schedule; writing :: a review for Library Journal, a thank-you card, andContinue reading “August Rush”

And summer ended with a “ping”

Straying a bit from my usual posts about books, libraries and the like – tonight was the last night for both of my summer sports series: the Morris County Striders 5K series and the Hub Lakes Table Tennis league. It was nice balancing running for myself and playing on a team for table tennis. SoContinue reading “And summer ended with a “ping””

Science Fiction Double Feature

Neither of these can really considered “Science Fiction”, but they were a double-feature nonetheless. A few weeks ago, some friends and I drove up to Warwick, New York for our annual drive-in trip. Unfortunately we did not plan this trip well around the new releases, but our impossible schedules. Just when we thought that weContinue reading “Science Fiction Double Feature”

August Rising

source listening :: I’ll Get By and The Moth Radio Hour – A View of the Earth (so beautiful); watching :: Won’t Back Down; reading ::The Night Circus, and Locke & Key; wanting :: New running shoes; working :: Job applications; writing :: Nothing! Survived my first and last summer session!; thinking :: New York City tomorrow, switching out of creativeContinue reading “August Rising”

Cold Snap

Throwback from the spring semester – the doctoral students are weird. listening :: Welcome to Night Vale and Enter Shikari ; watching :: Funny You Should Ask and maybe Pacific Rim at the drive-in this weekend; reading :: Wide Sargasso Sea, The Night Circus, and Lucifer (a spin-off of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman); wanting :: A lobsterContinue reading “Cold Snap”

A new

listening :: Rooster Teeth podcasts and a lot of Pink Floyd; watching :: Prefontaine (Cried my eyes out) and Spirit of the Marathon; reading :: Homeward Bound, Torch, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane (I am close to meeting my yearly reading goal); wanting :: Summer class to be over, and a pita sandwich; working :: On grant research and jobContinue reading “A new”

Dewey or Die

I AM THE GREETEST from Daniel Angri on Vimeo. listening :: I AM THE GREETEST (Because I am a rat); watching :: Above, Prefontaine and Spirit of the Marathon ; reading :: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed and Deadeye Dick; wanting :: Tacos, new shoes, and a trip; working :: The mock grant proposal, video cassette withdrawals, birthdayContinue reading “Dewey or Die”

Knee High By The Fourth Of July

listening :: Talon of the Hawk 24-7; watching :: Perks of Being a Wallflower after work; reading :: Winger, Underwater Welder, and Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon; wanting :: A huge bacon cheeseburger and a drink, febreze, Google Reader to return, and naptime; working :: On Grants homework; writing :: nothing recreational; thinking :: WhatContinue reading “Knee High By The Fourth Of July”