And summer ended with a “ping”


Straying a bit from my usual posts about books, libraries and the like – tonight was the last night for both of my summer sports series: the Morris County Striders 5K series and the Hub Lakes Table Tennis league. It was nice balancing running for myself and playing on a team for table tennis. So much of running is individual and focused inward for me that I needed the camaraderie of playing with other people that table tennis provided. Like running, I discovered table tennis in college and fell in love with the game. I am not the best at either sports, but I love them regardless.

My goal for running the 4-race 5K series was to just become a smarter runner – learn and understand what I need to be happier with running, and I accomplished that. I have a better sense of what future running goals I want to set. Overall, I ended up earning the points in my age division for the series and thus, winning and taking home this sweet cup:

balanced on my knee

As for table tennis, I am going to start going to the weekly evening open play nights at the Clubhouse. It’s right back to my college years of Monday night table tennis – and I love it.

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A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

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