Sorry for the cop-out in terms of a photo – but I did really want to feature this song – Sunday Morning Stasis

listening :: above, Slaughterhouse-Five on cassette, and lots of NPR stories about gut bacteria, because cool;

watching :: Kaytlyn in The Great American Trailer Park Musical soon!;

reading :: The Spectacular Now and The Family Heirloom Project;

wanting :: more days like yesterday with friends, chatting and coffee, and a new laptop, maybe?;

working :: less job hunting stuff and bracing for the Fall semester;

writing :: blog posts and packing lists for upcoming trips;

thinking :: bacteria, program ideas for work and school, and what’s my next move in Scrabble with Devin and Steve.

(inspired by Erin at Library Scenester)

Do you have a favorite letter? I’m a bit of a fan for the letter “C”…

Published by ccharle2

A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

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