FIFA Fever


With the World Cup going on and there being grass on the table from the last display, I thought that FIFA Fever and World Cup Dreams was an appropriate selection for this cycle’s display. I was also interested in expressing the fact that one of our maintenance crew members (who is an incredibly dedicated and nice co-worker) was heading to Brazil for the Cup*. My co-worker and I selected a variety of youth and adult soccer-centric materials, ranging from how-to-play type books and foreign films featuring fútbol.

Because we re-used the grass siding from the last display (I’m thinking about designing the rest of the summer’s displays around it…), we customized this display with a schedule of the games and a banner with each competing country’s flag. My co-worker also went the extra mile and found bookmarks to add as a takeaway for the interested. Overall we’ve received a pretty positive reaction to the display. We came in on Monday and all of the bookmarks were gone! YESSSSS!

*Hence the Sasquatch (also a leftover from the previous display) sporting a Columbian kit — our maintenance member’s team.

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