Blind Date with a Book 2016

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with our annual Blind Date with a Book display. I started the tradition last year and so far library users have adored it. I select some well-known and some off-the-beaten trail fiction, nonfiction, mystery, and biography books, warp them in brown paper + decorate, and write tags for them that withContinue reading “Blind Date with a Book 2016”

FIFA Fever

With the World Cup going on and there being grass on the table from the last display, I thought that FIFA Fever and World Cup Dreams was an appropriate selection for this cycle’s display. I was also interested in expressing the fact that one of our maintenance crew members (who is an incredibly dedicated andContinue reading “FIFA Fever”

Comic Culture

Full Disclosure: I had very little to do with setting-up this display. The Assistant Director was looking for display case ideas for June and my co-worker suggested comics and graphic novels from the library’s collection.  Comic books and graphic novels at our library are shelved depending on what department they are purchased from. Adult graphicContinue reading “Comic Culture”