The Ramblings of an Emotional Third Year YAC Coordinator

This week marks my 12th year being involved with LMTI, my 9th year going to camp, and my 3rd and final year going as a YAC (Youth Advisory Council) Coordinator.

I have a lot of feelings about this, apparently.

I didn’t think that I did, until I was driving up the Parkway through the Meadowlands to the last YAC training. I thought about all of the adult volunteers, peers, and young adult leaders that I’ve worked with in the last three years.

I was surprised by the rush of feelings. LMTI means very much to me — personally and as an organization. I started volunteering because I wanted to empower young adults in the way that I received encouragement and strength as a teenager. I am a librarian today because I had adult co-workers in my high school job who spoke to and respected me like an adult. If I could encourage a young adult in that way wouldn’t that be cool? I didn’t give a thought to myself maybe learning something in the exchange.

But looking across the Meadowlands to the NYC horizon I thought about how much I had changed over the last 3 years with working with some of New Jersey student leaders — how much listening to their stories, opinions, and thoughts had changed me.

Respect and listening are beautiful things.

This month I had to make some hard decisions about my role with my action group and what I wanted for them and myself. We’re not sure about the future, but where there is passion there is possibility.

Thank you, past buds, present buds, and future buds – for everything.

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A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

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