This year’s camp video listening :: Reply All and old Empire! Empire! (I was a lonely estate); watching :: The Little Prince and Cooked on Netflix (re: ‘illing); reading :: catching up on Ms. Marvel and the re-booted Archie; eating :: hot water with lemon water and crackers (would rather be eating a breakfast sandwichContinue reading “Currently”

The Ramblings of an Emotional Third Year YAC Coordinator

This week marks my 12th year being involved with LMTI, my 9th year going to camp, and my 3rd and final year going as a YAC (Youth Advisory Council) Coordinator. I have a lot of feelings about this, apparently. I didn’t think that I did, until I was driving up the Parkway through the MeadowlandsContinue reading “The Ramblings of an Emotional Third Year YAC Coordinator”