Love List – 9/11

Texas Diaper Bank – The Texas Diaper has an Amazon wish list of items people they are serving need.

Big Read plans – My library is participating in the Big Read this fall. Yes – just the Fall. Usually libraries stretch Big Read campaigns over a year, but my library’s goal is to get it all hauled out between November 1st – December 5th. I am super excited for the festivities that we are cooking up for Station Eleven.

The Black Tapes S.3 – The best smartly spooky podcast around. Sad to see it wrap-up with this season, but looking forward to a few more weeks of crazy twists and storytelling.

Grub Street Diet – Though it makes me a little home sick to read, the New York magazine posts these weekly food journals. I reveal in mundane comings-and-goings of breakfast-making and brunches. Interestingly a lot of the journalers travel between New York and Los Angeles, so fortunately I am still getting some dining tips out of this.

A new Kitchen table and chairs – When I moved out here I purged and packed everything else into a POD because I have earthly possessions. While I’ve lived here though, I’ve done more purging as I’ve identified what works here and doesn’t. I

Best of Both Worlds – A delightful and brief weekly podcast about balancing life, time, and work with family. Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger are two of my favorite bloggers and I love learning little life tricks from them.

Yellow Belly Tap and Restaurant – I had a craving for chicken wings a few weekends ago and ended up here with a friend on Saturday night of LDW. I had been there before for brunch when Trevor and Jennie were in town – and dinner is just as excellent as brunch. It’s a cozy, neighborhood spot and there was live music. The buttermilk fried chicken sandwich was excellent. Will go again.



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