What I’ve Been Reading – 9/20/2021

The story behind the mysterious crests on old San Francisco homes | SFGate Library in Tiny Alaskan Village Tackles Housing Shortage | Programming Librarian At the edge of Santa Barbara County, Cuyama is Central California’s cowboy valley of enchantment | SFGate Have a good week!

What I’ve Been Reading – 5/10/2021

Wake Me Up When Senior Year Ends | Tiger Times Online The Curse of Reading and Forgetting | The New Yorker The Right Right Thing To Do | Aeon Without God or Reason | Commonweal Magazine Stop Spending Time on Things You Hate | The Atlantic Google Fixes Two Annoying Quirks in Its Voice AssistantContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 5/10/2021”

What I’ve Been Reading – 5/3/2021

How to Practice | The New Yorker There’s a Better Way to Parent: Less Yelling, Less Praise | The Atlantic Condor Cam | Santa Barbara Zoo (with sound!) Peach Ice Cream | Texas Monthly 2021 Edgar Allan Poe Award Winners | Mystery Writers of America Tulips in the Gardens | The Martha Stewart Blog HaveContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 5/3/2021”

What I’ve Been Reading – 2/22/2021

“Reunion” (Poem) | Charles Wright Frog and Toad Tentatively Go Outside After Months in Self-Quarantine | McSweeney’s Passing the Time With the Ghosts in the Dirt | Texas Monthly Ray Ford: Lessons From Past Taught in Santa Barbara Backcountry | Noozhawk Love the Fig | The New Yorker Vivian Stephens Helped Turn Romance Writing IntoContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 2/22/2021”

What I’ve Been Reading – 7/6/2020

In The Meantime | The View From Mrs. Sundberg’s Window C.D.C. Recommends Sweeping Changes to American Offices | New York Times In the COVID-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both | New York Times Surf Fishing’s Salt Meditation | Santa Barbara Independent Did Rutgers Find the Perfect PresidentContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 7/6/2020”

Love List – 10/28/18

Chekhov’s Hangnail – Martha. Not a new love, but a long-time love. Naturally, the summer after I move to the west coast, Martha does a spring east coast tour. “When it rains, it really fucking pours…” Two weekends ago I went back to New Jersey for a wedding (pictures to come). I needed to seeContinue reading “Love List – 10/28/18”

SPBL Coffee Break (Episode 9)

Mentioned in this episode: Adult Literacy “Fast Track” Training – http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=15402 Anime and Manga Club – http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=16022 MakeSB with Wild Animals – http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=12765 The Flamethrowers – https://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=682530 Deadly Class – https://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=980405 Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung – https://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=322636 Under the Big Black Sun – https://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=883816 EPISODE NOTES Mentioned in this episode: Adult Literacy “Fast Track”Continue reading “SPBL Coffee Break (Episode 9)”

SBPL Coffee Break (Episode 8)

Mentioned in this episode: Trail Talks: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=12616 Buellton Bookworms: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=11808 Overboard at Eastside: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=14544 Solvang Coding Club: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=13888 Hope805: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=14018 New Yorker Discussion Group: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=15224 A Load of Hooey: https://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=774171 Lumberjack’s Beard: https://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=995045 Medium Raw: https://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=542251 Counter Intelligence: Vinegar Girl: https://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=886783 EPISODE NOTES Mentioned in this episode: Trail Talks: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=12616 Buellton Bookworms:http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=11808 Overboard at Eastside:http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=14544 SolvangContinue reading “SBPL Coffee Break (Episode 8)”

SBPL Coffee Break (Episode 7)

Mentioned in this episode: Tuesday Poets: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=13675 Eastside Murder Mystery: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=13730 MakeSB: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=13524 Edson Smith Photo Collection: http://www.luna.blackgold.org/luna/servlet/blackgold~9~9 Cosplay Definition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosplay Tech Tasting: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=13521 Library Book Clubs: https://www.santabarbaraca.gov/gov/depts/lib/events/library_book_clubs.asp WriteSB: http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=13972 Lawrence Brown Affair: http://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=980308 Sarah MacLean: http://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=727621 Heartbreaker: http://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=577607 Storm for the Living and the Dead (Bukowski): http://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=1000741 Dreams From Bunker Hill (Fante): http://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=12887 LunchContinue reading “SBPL Coffee Break (Episode 7)”

SBPL Coffee Break (Episode 5)

Mentioned in this episode: Anime Club – http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=13232&backTo=Calendar&startDate=2018/06/22 Reptile Family (Carpinteria) – http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=12926&backTo=Calendar&startDate=2018/06/22 Leather Stamping – http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=9737&backTo=Calendar&startDate=2018/06/22 BYO Book – http://santabarbaraca.evanced.info/signup/EventDetails?EventId=11876&backTo=Calendar&startDate=2018/06/22 Shannon in Nashville – https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/12145347 Coathangers Live Album – https://thecoathangers.bandcamp.com/album/live Magic Gone – https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/12152224 King Princess EP – You Think It, I’ll Say It – http://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=1037145 Eligible – http://www.blackgold.org/polaris/search/title.aspx?ctx=1.1033.0.0.1&cn=867314 Austen Project – https://www.waterstones.com/booklist/286811/the-austen-project EPISODEContinue reading “SBPL Coffee Break (Episode 5)”