October 2017 Goals: The Secret of Maple Avenue

maple leafSome autumnal, birthday sweetness from LC.

A look back at September 2017‘s goals:

  • Plan East Coast trip + prepare for K+J’s wedding – Coming up this weekend!
  • Implement cleaning strategy – needs improvement
  • Implement new blog schedule (x3 per week) – needs improvement
  • Attend the Carpinteria Culinary Crawl Attended and it was delightful — owe a follow-up post
  • Enter the library’s picnic entry competition (long story) Entered, but did not make the city-wide competition.
  • Read 2 books – major fail
  • Celebrate Birthday! Surprise Dodgers game!
  • Get a manicure/pedicure Fun treat and not a usual thing. 
  • Finish work plan (for work) Completed

October 2017‘s plans:

  • Schedule doctors appointments
  • Post Birthday post, Carpinteria Crawl post, and East Coast trip post
  • Finish planning the Big Read activities for work
  • Refine cleaning and blogging schedule
  • Read 2 books (or should it be 4 books at this point?)
  • Implement letter and email writing schedule
  • Celebrate a special birthday
  • Do a Halloween Hustle run
  • Clean-up and reconfigure dining area (rug, shelving, and remove remaining boxes)
  • See Rocky Horror Picture Show, locally 



Published by ccharle2

A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

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