What I’ve Been Reading – 2/15/2021

UCs Move Forward with Open-Access Publishing | Santa Barbara Independent The Zoot Suit era is when white America learned to stereotype young Latinos as threats | The Los Angeles Times Shakespeare’s World of Science | The New Atlantis RSS Readers are due for a Comeback | Wired (Geez, I still miss Google Reader RIP….) HowContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading – 2/15/2021”

November 2018

It’s been a minute since I gave NaNoWriMo a whirl.  Goals: Voting! Read Invisible, Akata Witch, and Hey Ladies. Finish the TAZ Mystery Puzzle Box. Send some Thanksgiving* gratitude cards. Write thru NaNoWriMo. Continue half marathon training (I am doing Santa to Sea on December 5). Looking ahead to: Kaytlyn visiting over Thanksgiving! I’ve longContinue reading “November 2018”

April 2018 Goals

Made by Emmastudies.com Revisiting January 2018… Read 3 books – nope Complete my Library Journal/BL reviews queue – ugh 50/50 Assemble the bookcase – Done! Which was a nightmare and involved damaged parts and return/refund policies Confirm new insurance with my practitioners – Done! Sign-up for a YMCA membership and start going – Done! AndContinue reading “April 2018 Goals”

2018 Goals and January Goals

We have a bit of catching up today. I have so many words to share with you. My employer was closed from December 23 – January 1 for a combination building maintance/holiday break, so I traveled home to New Jersey for the first extended time since I moved to California (nearly!) a year ago. ThatContinue reading “2018 Goals and January Goals”

October 2017 Goals: The Secret of Maple Avenue

Some autumnal, birthday sweetness from LC. A look back at September 2017‘s goals: Plan East Coast trip + prepare for K+J’s wedding – Coming up this weekend! Implement cleaning strategy – needs improvement Implement new blog schedule (x3 per week) – needs improvement Attend the Carpinteria Culinary Crawl Attended and it was delightful — oweContinue reading “October 2017 Goals: The Secret of Maple Avenue”

September and Fall Goals

New month, new music I like September for multiple reasons. September is: my birthday month, the month school traditionally starts in the Mid-Atlantic (Hello, back to school supplies), and the month when pumpkins start popping up. In the spirit of a new school year, I am in a goal-setting. Here are my goals for SeptemberContinue reading “September and Fall Goals”