November 2018


It’s been a minute since I gave NaNoWriMo a whirl. 


  • Voting!
  • Read Invisible, Akata Witch, and Hey Ladies.
  • Finish the TAZ Mystery Puzzle Box.
  • Send some Thanksgiving* gratitude cards.
  • Write thru NaNoWriMo.
  • Continue half marathon training (I am doing Santa to Sea on December 5).

Looking ahead to:

  • Kaytlyn visiting over Thanksgiving! I’ve long put-off having my palm read, but I made a promise with her for this visit to be when that happens and I am going to keep it.
  •  A local production of Amelie. 
  • California Library Association Annual Conference November 9 – 11.

*This begins the season that I have dreaded since July 10th. Every day has had a thin coat of terrible since my cousin’s passing, but the time of Thanksgiving – New Year’s highlights and expands. It’s going to be a difficult one, folks. 

Have a good month!

Published by ccharle2

A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

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