Currently – 12/16

listening :: Marketplace Tech and the new podcast DTR; reading :: Blind Descent and She Made Me Laugh; eating :: leftover quiche, grapefruit juice, and iced coffee; writing :: holiday cards and last-minute shopping lists (why do I do this to myself); loving :: did I mention that I ate leftover quiche?; looking ahead :: familyContinue reading “Currently – 12/16”


It’s been one week with the Hamilton Mixtape release day! listening :: ^the Hamilton Mixtape and I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein — also copious amounts of the Gilmore Guys; reading :: Real Simple and Blind Descent (Thank you, jury duty for my renewed reading habit); eating :: hot tea, a bagel with cream cheeseContinue reading “Currently”

Much scary, very books

I am the buyer for Mysteries, Thrillers, and Suspense Fiction (in addition to Large Print, Periodicals, Foreign Languages and ESL resources…) Which is kind of a joke because I HATE scary things and I do not like to read or watch about people in pain or danger. That being said, I am trying to readContinue reading “Much scary, very books”