Currently – 12/16

listening :: Marketplace Tech and the new podcast DTR; reading :: Blind Descent and She Made Me Laugh; eating :: leftover quiche, grapefruit juice, and iced coffee; writing :: holiday cards and last-minute shopping lists (why do I do this to myself); loving :: did I mention that I ate leftover quiche?; looking ahead :: familyContinue reading “Currently – 12/16”

What I Read Last Week:

via A fresh look at Appalachia : 50 years after the war on poverty ‘Can you dig it?’ The Warriors, 35 years later | Esquire You’ve got Nora: A Valentine’s Day tribute to Nora Ephron | Vanity Fair Leaving only footsteps? Think again | New York Times State of emergency declared in West Virginia after trainContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

Sister Mother Husband Dog: (etc.)

“Every choice makes some things in life more possible and some things less — remember upsides and downsides?” I was driving into work the day when I heard that Nora Ephron had passed away. I heard the report on Morning Edition just as I was driving over the Constitution Bridge in Lock Haven. The sunlightContinue reading “Sister Mother Husband Dog: (etc.)”