Life Lately – 6/15/2021

listening :: Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR and the Deafheaven spoiler tracks; eating :: Trader Joe’s vodka sauce (doctored with red pepper and cream, topped with mozzarella), and also the best, homemade chocolate-dipped biscotti from a friend; thinking :: about baking biscotti, and options for a media tabletop/general storage cabinet (Thanks, Ikea). I am also thinking about myContinue reading “Life Lately – 6/15/2021”

Love List – 11/5/18

Q2Q Comics #459:  To-Do List  Chrome Extensions – Google Chrome is the way of the world at work, which has lead me down the rabbit hole of browser extensions. Grammarly, Animal Crossing music, and Marinara: Pomodoro Assistant are my most used ones. Deafheaven – Canary Yellow  – Deafheaven released a new album back in theContinue reading “Love List – 11/5/18”