Free Comic Book Day 2014

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is an annual promotional event for comic books in North America that occurs the first Saturday of May. The intent of FCBD is to bring new readers (and buyers) into comic book stores. The effort is coordinated by Diamond Comic Distributors, the industry’s single largest distributor. Since 2002 DCD hasContinue reading “Free Comic Book Day 2014”

May the Fourth Be With You / Return of the Sixth

  Once again Media was blessed with some serendipitous timing when it came time for the next display. Last week the cast of the new Stars Wars movie was announced, in addition to it being May 4th (“May The Fourth Be With You”) and May 6th (“Return of the Sixth”.) Like with the Shakespeare display, weContinue reading “May the Fourth Be With You / Return of the Sixth”

Free Comic Book Day 2013

“Valerie, get her signed-up for the email list NOW!” – the owner/cashier as I was checking out, in regards to me being the only female participating in FCBD upon my own free will and not for my son/father/boyfriend/husband. The first Saturday in May has been a scared day for as long as I can rememberContinue reading “Free Comic Book Day 2013”