What I’ve Been Reading – 4/13/2020

Gentrified and the Libraries of Boyle Heights | Los Angeles Public Library I’m the Duolingo Owl and I’m Tired of Your Bullshit | McSweeney’s Rutgers Theatre Company Creates Audio Rendition of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale | Rutgers University

Love List – 10/28/18

Chekhov’s Hangnail – Martha. Not a new love, but a long-time love. Naturally, the summer after I move to the west coast, Martha does a spring east coast tour. “When it rains, it really fucking pours…” Two weekends ago I went back to New Jersey for a wedding (pictures to come). I needed to seeContinue reading “Love List – 10/28/18”

What I Read Last Week:

The pop-punks of anarchy [Martha] | NPR (re: I love NPR’s use of GIFs) Mayor’s office proposes letting police check out library patron information | Omaha.com (re: WTF) The chicken wings boom | The New York Times Newman Catholic Center organizes fall break guilt trip | The Minor Brian May: Me, my dad and ‘theContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”