Young Adult

Young Adult

“Young Adult – that’s industry-speak”

Young Adult was refreshing. Mavis is a complicated, self-centered, realistic character. Prom queen-turned-divorced young adult novelist, Mavis is already emotionally unstable and receiving the birth announcement for her high school boyfriend’s sends her reeling – all the way back to her small hometown. She makes quick work of her high school classmates and lets everyone know that she is better than them. Mavis got out of Mercury. Mavis is a successful writer with a cool apartment in the big city of Minneapolis.  Yet, you wonder through the movie why such a cool person would be hung-up on their townie high school boyfriend after all these years.

No spoilers, but the resolution is very well-done. The conclusion is realistic. Mavis is a complex character, and sometimes when we are faced with life lessons, we don’t learn anything at all.

Number of re-watches: None, because Mavis is a cringe-inducing train wreck to watch.

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