Eleanor & Park

This book took the young adult/library reader’s advisory world by storm this past winter. All the librarians and bloggers out there were reading. Being at the point of midterms when it was most popular, I thought I could write off Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park until the summer. But John Green’s review in The NewContinue reading “Eleanor & Park”

Young Adult

“Young Adult – that’s industry-speak” Young Adult was refreshing. Mavis is a complicated, self-centered, realistic character. Prom queen-turned-divorced young adult novelist, Mavis is already emotionally unstable and receiving the birth announcement for her high school boyfriend’s sends her reeling – all the way back to her small hometown. She makes quick work of her high schoolContinue reading “Young Adult”


Body issues is a popular topic in literature. We can all relate in some way to not feeling insecure with some part of our DNA/God-given body.  We all, however, cannot relate to obesity. Butter is obese. Butter isn’t even the protagonist’s real name, but the name given to him by high school bullies and theContinue reading “Butter”

The Rivals

This was not the cover of the copy that I read. This was, and I did not enjoy it. I thought it was strange how quickly they re-branded Daisy Whitney’s “Mockingbird” series. The original cover actually compelled me to read it. The simple, mysterious bird in the sea of coyly smiling teenagers and torsos. TheContinue reading “The Rivals”

Will Grayson, will grayson

Hands down, one of the highlights of last summer. Anything John Green and David Levithan pen, individually, is beautifully orchestrated with humor and heat-string-pulling emotion and this collaboration is a must-read for fans of both authors. Will Grayson, will grayson is the best of both writers in one novel. The title characters, both of whom areContinue reading “Will Grayson, will grayson”

Derby Girl

This summer’s reading goal is all about clearing house on my reading list. Derby Girl, written by Shauna Cross, is an older entry on the list. Whip It! is the film version of this novel (novel-to-film is a running theme in my reading goals as well). Cross wrote the screenplay for the film, which IContinue reading “Derby Girl”