Science Fiction Double Feature

Neither of these can really considered “Science Fiction”, but they were a double-feature nonetheless. A few weeks ago, some friends and I drove up to Warwick, New York for our annual drive-in trip. Unfortunately we did not plan this trip well around the new releases, but our impossible schedules. Just when we thought that weContinue reading “Science Fiction Double Feature”

Dirty Girl

“Nobody likes a dirty girl” I was apprehensive about this movie. I wasn’t familiar with Juno Temple from anything else, and I wasn’t intrigued by the plot of “high school harlot and gay classmate (Jeremy Dozier) team-up to learn some life lessons with a Home Economics flour sack baby” frame in 1987 Oklahoma. Still, the movieContinue reading “Dirty Girl”

Silver Linings Playbook

Look for the signs Every year, my sister and I go to the movies on Christmas Day. We’ve gotten all of our Christmas-y activities done by Noon of that day and we rarely go to the movies the rest of the year. This year the pickings were slim for Christmas blockbusters. We weren’t interested inContinue reading “Silver Linings Playbook”

Young Adult

“Young Adult – that’s industry-speak” Young Adult was refreshing. Mavis is a complicated, self-centered, realistic character. Prom queen-turned-divorced young adult novelist, Mavis is already emotionally unstable and receiving the birth announcement for her high school boyfriend’s sends her reeling – all the way back to her small hometown. She makes quick work of her high schoolContinue reading “Young Adult”

Ingredients: the local food movement takes root

“Sometimes I like to learn” I told my co-worker when I checked Ingredients out from work. I thought it was an insightful and beautifully documented film about the positive impacts of thinking about where your food comes from. The most interesting part was the history of food-producing agriculture. The historical traditions of immigrants was aContinue reading “Ingredients: the local food movement takes root”

Super 8

Normally I don’t review movies, and I am not sure why. They are library material in the same way that books and graphic novels are. They circulate. They can be found in a book drop. Why not? Well, I am going to start smaller reviews of them. Actually, I probably feel compelled because of SuperContinue reading “Super 8”

Derby Girl

This summer’s reading goal is all about clearing house on my reading list. Derby Girl, written by Shauna Cross, is an older entry on the list. Whip It! is the film version of this novel (novel-to-film is a running theme in my reading goals as well). Cross wrote the screenplay for the film, which IContinue reading “Derby Girl”