Media Misfits


Media Department Coat Rack

listening :: The World Is…;

watching :: Out for job postings and Rainbow Rowell’s “big” announcement;

reading :: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls!A Game of Thrones, and Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticityas well as the rough draft to the YA Librarian’s novel;

wanting :: To roll around in the sunny grass like a cat, and eat strawberries;

working :: On getting things in order for the course project of my summer class;

writing :: A lot of emails, blog posts, and outlines;

talking :: About collection weeding policies, internally and a field-scale, in light of Urbana Free Library‘s unnecessary, aggressive weeding practice;

thinking :: About my cousin’s wedding, Louisa’s party, horoscopes, and career paths (minimally).

(inspired by Erin at Library Scenester)

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A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

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