TBT – To Walk Or Not To Walk

This is an old post I found in my drafts – a blast from the past. Spoiler alert: I walked in my graduate commencement and I am happy that I did. Lately, I have been going back and forth about walking at my graduate school’s commencement. Since I graduated in December (or January 2014 saysContinue reading “TBT – To Walk Or Not To Walk”

In The Clear

December 18th, 2013 – Last grad school coffee  listening :: to You Blew It!, on repeat; watching :: Chicken with Plums; reading :: The Infinite Moment of Us and This Is How You Say Goodbye.; wanting :: a burrito?; working :: on convincing my sister to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Christmas day, job hunting, and sewing projects; writing :: reviews! and cover letters; loving ::Continue reading “In The Clear”

Midnight Movies @ 7 – The Warriors (1979)

Tonight, as a part of our ‘Midnight Movies at 7″ series, we screened The Warriors. Attendance was on the low side, but we had a good discussion afterwards about the story and cinematography. We watched the “Ultimate Director’s Edition”, which was styled differently from the original edition. That provided for discussion for balancing current fansContinue reading “Midnight Movies @ 7 – The Warriors (1979)”

Birthday Week

listening :: a lot of Metallica and the defunt Jacksons Kid Summer; watching :: Through the Never this weekend and all of the season premiers from this week; reading :: Hawkeye: Little Hits, Peanut, and Fangirl; wanting :: dumplings and fall activities; working :: midterm assignments, getting back into a run schedule, and daytrip planning; writing :: cover letters and outlines;Continue reading “Birthday Week”

Middle Sea

Full Disclosure:: The younger tennis player is the drummer of the band and a friend — who is actually very good at tennis. listening :: the above and Best Coast’s I Don’t Know How (Warning – once you start listening to either, you won’t be able to stop); watching :: Promised Land and Like Crazy; reading :: AContinue reading “Middle Sea”

Week 2

listening :: to my Pop Pop, and Mike’s stories from Japan; watching :: video lectures and The Mindy Project season premiere; reading :: Runner’s World and about the Mountain Runners; wanting :: this semester to be over, coffee, and a long vacation; working :: on class work and the library’s zombie apocalypse plan; writing :: projects proposals for class, class instructionContinue reading “Week 2”

Fall Ahead

listening :: WSOU and Smash Mouth September – sometimes; watching :: out for more opportunities and gigs; reading :: Lessons from my Yoga Teacher (about reference work) and a lot of articles 😦 ; wanting :: a Reese’s PB Cup s’more, and a nap; working :: on my final portfolio and embracing school ; writing :: many, many discussions posts (WelcomeContinue reading “Fall Ahead”

Where Did The Summer Go?

listening :: S.S. Librarianship and Slaughterhouse-Five on cassette; watching :: the beginnings of Buffy and Call the Midwife; reading :: about yoga, The Interestings, and The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.; wanting :: tonight!, tacos for lunch!, and back-to-school shoes!; working :: on less job hunting stuff and bracing for the Fall semester which entails a lot of prep workContinue reading “Where Did The Summer Go?”