Middle Sea

Full Disclosure:: The younger tennis player is the drummer of the band and a friend — who is actually very good at tennis.

listening :: the above and Best Coast’s I Don’t Know How (Warning – once you start listening to either, you won’t be able to stop);

watching :: Promised Land and Like Crazy;

reading :: A History of Reading, which is one of my texts for Reading Interests of Adults and mini-rant: all of my textbooks for that class were written pre-2003 because you know, nothing about how we read has changed in the last ten years -_- ;

wanting :: ice cream for lunch and to do fall activities;

working :: discussion posts, my portfolio, and all of my semester projects (boo hiss boo);

writing :: Nano outline and the aforementioned assignments (hisssssssss);

thinking :: family, job applications, October plans, and my 10k.

(inspired by Erin at Library Scenester)

Side note: All of our public and staff computers are down internet and catalog-wise and I ate all of my snacks already. Today has been the longest day, and it’s barely the afternoon. 

Is your Friday going better than mine? 

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A digital services librarian. When I am not reading, I can be found running or counting bats.

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