In The Clear

December 18th, 2013 – Last grad school coffee  listening :: to You Blew It!, on repeat; watching :: Chicken with Plums; reading :: The Infinite Moment of Us and This Is How You Say Goodbye.; wanting :: a burrito?; working :: on convincing my sister to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Christmas day, job hunting, and sewing projects; writing :: reviews! and cover letters; loving ::Continue reading “In The Clear”

Birthday Week

listening :: a lot of Metallica and the defunt Jacksons Kid Summer; watching :: Through the Never this weekend and all of the season premiers from this week; reading :: Hawkeye: Little Hits, Peanut, and Fangirl; wanting :: dumplings and fall activities; working :: midterm assignments, getting back into a run schedule, and daytrip planning; writing :: cover letters and outlines;Continue reading “Birthday Week”

Middle Sea

Full Disclosure:: The younger tennis player is the drummer of the band and a friend — who is actually very good at tennis. listening :: the above and Best Coast’s I Don’t Know How (Warning – once you start listening to either, you won’t be able to stop); watching :: Promised Land and Like Crazy; reading :: AContinue reading “Middle Sea”

Week 2

listening :: to my Pop Pop, and Mike’s stories from Japan; watching :: video lectures and The Mindy Project season premiere; reading :: Runner’s World and about the Mountain Runners; wanting :: this semester to be over, coffee, and a long vacation; working :: on class work and the library’s zombie apocalypse plan; writing :: projects proposals for class, class instructionContinue reading “Week 2”


listening :: to the endless stream of news reports watching :: Dirty Girl and soon the weird, grey-sunny swirl of the sky on my drive down to NB reading :: only journal articles and my final paper rough drafts as this semester winds down wanting :: tonight’s Career Fair to be over, among other things…Continue reading “Expectantly”

Life is rad – My visit to the Joe Kubert School

My final project for e-Humanities and Social Science Reference is collection development for graphic novels and graphic arts. This morning I met with the librarian at The Kubert School to see what is like to develop a collection entirely of comics, graphic novels, and figure study books. I also wanted to gain a better understandingContinue reading “Life is rad – My visit to the Joe Kubert School”

And like that, my first semester of grad school is complete

I submitted my last term project of the semester on Friday and it was graded by Monday. Just like that, my first semester of graduate school is complete. I am relieved to get to read again, but anxious to get back to work. One semester down, two more to go.