Page by Paige

Page by Paige

Laura Lee Gulledge came up on my radar because of her recent release of the Will & Whit. My enjoyment of that graphic novel compelled me to go back read her first work.

Semi-autobiographical, Page by Paige follows Paige Turner on her family’s move to living in the big city beyond her hometown. Paige makes sense of her vibrant new surrounds through her own sketchbook. The feelings are honest and Gulledge’s storytelling is hopeful as Paige interacts with her peers and parents.

Unfortunately I did not enjoy her earlier work as much as her most recent. I can see from reading Page by Paige though how her storytelling and artistic style has matured and polished. This is a great read for younger young adult as life is constantly changing in the biggest or smallest of ways.

Thumbs: 1 out of 2

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