Page by Paige

Laura Lee Gulledge came up on my radar because of her recent release of the Will & Whit. My enjoyment of that graphic novel compelled me to go back read her first work. Semi-autobiographical, Page by Paige follows Paige Turner on her family’s move to living in the big city beyond her hometown. Paige makesContinue reading “Page by Paige”

August Rush

listening :: Break up with back up (thanks, Mike) and NPR’s Keys to the Whole World: American Public Libraries series; watching :: autotune videos with YA Librarian (a la 2010); reading :: about Drupal, Will & Whit, and Drown; wanting :: peace of mind?; working :: on cover letters, (running) pacing, and my fall schedule; writing :: a review for Library Journal, a thank-you card, andContinue reading “August Rush”