TBT – To Walk Or Not To Walk

This is an old post I found in my drafts – a blast from the past. Spoiler alert: I walked in my graduate commencement and I am happy that I did.

Lately, I have been going back and forth about walking at my graduate school’s commencement. Since I graduated in December (or January 2014 says my transcript and diploma) and there is no ceremony then, I have the option to walk at the university-wide ceremony in May. In the football stadium. Robed and regaliaed — the whole nine yards.

Do I want that?

With walking at commencement comes the changing of work schedules (of course I am scheduled to work THAT Sunday), inviting family, and buying regalia on a post-grad budget. Most of the librarians I work with didn’t walk for theirs’, for reasons like work, family, or indifference. For me, I am weighing what the trip and the process of getting to graduation will be like the heaviest. There is one road in and one road out for a graduation from a Big Ten* university. I can already hear my mother arguing with the GPS already…

But, I am a person of pomp and circumstance. I like beginnings and endings, and I would love to walk with all of my classmates who are graduating this semester (or did so last semester with me.) My college graduation went by so quickly and I don’t feel a particular affinity for my program, but seeing them again would be excellent.

I polled the Tumblrians about this as well. They are great for anecdote-based points. Their stories were as colorful as my coworkers, but were similar in the conclusion that it is all up to me. Lemon Yellow is my favorite color…

Did you walk at any of your graduations? Would you change your choice?

*Utilizing this term to fully describe the magnitude of the university-wide graduation.

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