What I am I Reading – 1/17/18

One of the nice parts of joining a gym is that I have access to cable television again. (I have a television, but do not have cable.) I’ve been runited with good ol‘ HGTV and the posse there. When I couldn’t get enough of Fixer Upper I ended up finding the hosts’ (Chip and Joanna Gaines) book The Magnolia Story on Hoopla and listened to that over the long weekend. As a fan of the show, I loved the book and found that it provided more depth to the pair. That being said, they stay very solidly in their schtick. Other things

The Rumpus | The Ghost Ship That Didn’t Care You (Not new, but an article I like to re-read every so often)

Grub Street | Milk Bar’s First-Ever Investor Calls Christina Tosi ‘Martha Stewart for this Generation’

Bon Appetit | Thank You God, for Black Thanksgiving

New York Times | Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Celebrate 70 Years of Marriage

NPR | ‘I’m an American’ Radio Show Promoted Inclusion Before World War II

NJ.com | How This New Jersey Town Realized it had a Multi-Million Dollar Rodin Dust

Washington Post | Two Dying Memorists Wrote Bestsellers About Their Final Days. Then Their Spouses Fell In Love.

Food52 | The Lady Falcon Coffee Club: Home of Rule-Breaking Blends

New York Times | Raising a Truly Bilingual Child

What are you reading?





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