What I am I Reading – 1/17/18

One of the nice parts of joining a gym is that I have access to cable television again. (I have a television, but do not have cable.) I’ve been runited with good ol‘ HGTV and the posse there. When I couldn’t get enough of Fixer Upper I ended up finding the hosts’ (Chip and JoannaContinue reading “What I am I Reading – 1/17/18”

What I’m Reading – 9/13

Saga vol. 7 | Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples Christina Tosi has a Cookie | Eater I am the reason that print journalism is still alive and I have happened to find the last place on Earth that it is mostly thriving in – as long as we ignore this thing. There are anContinue reading “What I’m Reading – 9/13”