What I Read Last Week – 4/4/18

Filipino Food Finds a Place in the American Mainstream | New York Times The Myth of Authenticity is Killing Tex-Mex | Eater Investigation Sheds Light on 1966 Disappearance of Louise Pietrewicz| The Suffolk Times The Killer Nanny Novel That Conquered France | The New Yorker How Washington-Area Activists Fought Segregation at Local Libraries | WAMUContinue reading “What I Read Last Week – 4/4/18”

What I Read Last Week:

Gnarly in Pink via The New York Times Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes | BBC News Bees to get help from White House | Discovery News 1999: Teen Movies’ Golden Year | Flavorwire Think before you clap: You could be beat deaf | NPR Hamilton Leithauser talks the occupational hazards of being aContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”