What I Read Last Week – 4/4/18

Filipino Food Finds a Place in the American Mainstream | New York Times The Myth of Authenticity is Killing Tex-Mex | Eater Investigation Sheds Light on 1966 Disappearance of Louise Pietrewicz| The Suffolk Times The Killer Nanny Novel That Conquered France | The New Yorker How Washington-Area Activists Fought Segregation at Local Libraries | WAMUContinue reading “What I Read Last Week – 4/4/18”

Lately – 3/9/18

Pale Beneath The Tan (Squeeze ) – The Front Bottoms We were graced with exciting news this week that the Grandma series will actually be a series. I would’ve been perfectly happy with just Rose, but hearing this track and other mastered will be awesome.  listening :: to re-vamped The Splendid Table (which is inspiring myContinue reading “Lately – 3/9/18”

What I Read Last Week:

Gnarly in Pink via The New York Times Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes | BBC News Bees to get help from White House | Discovery News 1999: Teen Movies’ Golden Year | Flavorwire Think before you clap: You could be beat deaf | NPR Hamilton Leithauser talks the occupational hazards of being aContinue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

What I Read Last Week:

Perfect Instant Ramen | New York Times The Luxury of Waiting for Marriage to Have Kids | The Atlantic Stephen Sondheim Reveals Disney’s Sanitized Plot Changes for ‘Into the Woods’ | Indiewire It’s Official: The Boomerang Kids Won’t Leave | New York Times (re: but what happens when there is no where to boomerang to?)Continue reading “What I Read Last Week:”

What I Read Last* Week:

Adrift by Natalie Serber | The Rumpus We Are The Ionians (Video) | Indie Alaska Mothers are not ‘opting out’ – they are out of options | Al Jazeera Stepping into the Stream: Bringing Netflix-style Video to Libraries | Library Journal How a child’s food preferences begin in the womb | the Guardian A CountryContinue reading “What I Read Last* Week:”

What I Read This Week:

Is your BPA-free water bottle as safe as you think it is? | PRI Snake Hill. | S.P. Sullivan (Money line: I have an idea in my head to recreate Parson’s “Snake Hill on the Jersey Meadows”” in a photograph at sundown, so I was doing some reconnaissance. I’m a shit navigator so…) A StateContinue reading “What I Read This Week:”

What I Read This Week:

Thank you University of North Carolina at Greensboro | Justin The Librarian The Lost Art of the Unsent Angry Letter | The New York Times Sinkhole of Bureaucracy | The Washington Post (Spoiler alert – it is an actual hole) When Mothers Get Moving, Children Are More Active, Too | NPR Meet The Super TaskersContinue reading “What I Read This Week:”

What I Read This Week:

Hark, a Vagrant’s Kate Beaton on Comics, History, and Drawing Admiral Nelson | the Appendix Tips on How to Become a Fossil | National Geographic Your Coffee Pods’ Dirty Secret | Mother Jones Who Had Richer Parents, Doctors Or Artists? | NPR What Would Wes Anderson Eat? | Southern Living Your Lifestyle Has Already BeenContinue reading “What I Read This Week:”

Stuff I Read This Week:

Following death of woman from Colorado, concerns grow about birth control safety | Colorado Public Radio Yoga Poses in Israel | The New York Times 5 Ways to keep my reading your first chapter | National Novel Writing Month Why Getty going free is such a big deal, explained in Getty images | The AtlanticContinue reading “Stuff I Read This Week:”